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Tue. 02.05.2017
update 02.05.17 16:45 (Bernhard Niedermoser - translated by Jeffrey McCabe)

May - October: updates upon significant change



Updates of the Avalanche Bulletins will be published in case of significant changes in the overall situation, i.e. renewed wintery conditions in high alpine regions. Please use the automated email distribution to keep up-to-date. Personal advice can be obtained by calling 0662 8042 2170.

Avalanche Danger

Tips for backcountry ski tours in May and June:
> heed daytime danger cycle (altitude, aspect, arrival and departure day, clear or overcast nocturnal skies)
> avoid hot days, better to go biking or swimming
> following heavy snowfall, await initial snowpack settling
Useful links for the season without avalanche bulletins:
[Abonnieren um Updates nicht zu versäumen]
[Wind, Temperatur, Schneehöhen]
[Messdaten fürs Smartphone]
[Warnung vor grobem Wetter] [Tip: helps with timing precipitation and clear nights]

Snow Layering

Alpine Weather Forecast (ZAMG Salzburg)

Short Term Development

The team at the Avalanche Warning Service extends a debt of thanksfor the outstanding work at headquarters and collaboration in the field, including at the 17 manned stations, numerous afternoon observers, Alpine Police, the BMI helicopter pilots, the weather forecasts from ZAMG and the countless field reports from backcountry skiers and freeriders. A debt of thanks also to our translator, Jeffrey McCabe, for his vivid English reports every day.

C. Riedl, M. Butschek and B. Niedermoser

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