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Wed. 02.05.2018
update 30.04.18 18:24 (Bernhard Niedermoser - translated by Jeffrey McCabe)

Updates published between May and October in case of significant change!



The Avalanche Warning Bulletin will be published/updated in case of a significant change in conditions, i.e. in case of a burst of winter in high alpine regions. Please use the automated email avalanche bulletin service to keep up to date.

Avalanche Danger

Tips for backcountry skiing tours in May and June:

Heed the daytime changes (altitude, aspect, day of arrival and departure, overcast or clear nocturnal skies)
Avoid hot days (better to go biking or swimming)
Following heavy snowfall, wait a day (until the first settling of the snowpack)

The following links could be useful:
(subscribe for updates)
{automated measurement data, also for smartphone)
{warnings of rough weather)
(tip: helps with timing of precipitation and clear nighttime skies)

Snow Layering

/* Attention! Following text is not translated yet. */

Alpine Weather Forecast (ZAMG Salzburg)

/* Attention! Following text is not translated yet. */

Short Term Development

The team at the Avalanche Warning Service extends a debt of thanks to all observers and manned stations, to the Alpine Police, the military pilots and weather watchers of the ZAMG for their ardent help during the season, as well as the ongoing information from 70 Avalanche Commissions. Also a vote of thanks to Jeffrey McCabe for his vivid daily English versions.

C. Riedl, M. Butschek and B. Niedermoser

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